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The Dance Store

The Dance Store is our very own shop ran on the premises of our Burton studio and we also have an outlet at our Derby studio. 

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Canvas ballet shoe class wear 


Canvas ballet shoe.jpg

Satin ballet shoe show & exam wear (girls only)


satin ballet shoe.jpg

Bloch student tap shoe  Grade 2 and above 


Bloch tap shoe.jpg

Circular ballet skirts Primary grade 

Child £13.00  Adult £18.00


Convertible ballet tights


Balle tights.jpg

Bloch sox 


blcoh sox.jpg

UC Jackets and leggings

Jackets Child £45 Adult £48*

Leggings Child £28.50 Adult £30

Jacket and leggings.JPG

UC Dance vest and hot pants 

Vest Child £23.50  Adult £25.50

Shorts Child £21.50 Adult £23.50

vest and shorts front.JPG

UC Dance Sports shorts

Bolt shorts Child £25.00  Adult £28.00


Sports shorts Child £26.50 Adult £29.50


Cropped Jacket Child £46 Adult £49

image_6483441 (2).JPG

UC Dance Sports Bag



UC Dance Journal 



UC Dance Drink Bottles 

Coke can £10.50 Chilly bottle £14.50


Bloch Canvas ballet shoe class wear 


IMG_6833 (1).jpg

Leo Patent velcro tap shoe up to and including Grade 1 Tap


patent tap shoe.jpg

Black hot pants 


hot pants.jpg

Ballet Socks 


ballet sock.jpg

Bloch Convertible ballet tights 

£9.00 plus p and p


Black stirrup tights 


footless tights.jpg

UC T shirt and Jumper

T shirt  Child £10 Adult £12

Jumper Child £20 Adult £24 

Includes name on back of item

image_6483441 (9).JPG

UC Dance Crop tops 

Child £21.00 Adult £23.50


Fifi leotard dress



UC Dance Sliders

Child £20 Adult £25 


UC Dance Crop Jumper and joggers 

Crop Jumper Child £21 Adult £21

Joggers Child £17.50 Adult £20.50

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