We have a variety of uniform options for our dancers so they can feel comfortable in class. Our leotards, crops, knix and vests are designed by Squad Dancewear. We also have our boys wear, jackets, leggings, bags and shorts with the Australian company Activated Industry. All shoes, socks, tights and accessories are supplied through the dance school's uniform service. 

UC Dance Fifi Dress

This is a dress  that has been specially designed by Activated Indsutry for our Dinky Dancers up to Preliminary grades. The skirt is chiffon and is worn for classes and exams.


UC Dance Comp Leotard

This leotard is for our competition dancers and is worn in competition classes, rehearsals and showcases. 

purple leotard double.JPG

UC Dance Comp Team crop & pants

The purple crop and knix are a great alternative for our competition team members particularly in the summer months .

purple crop double.JPG

UC Dance Vest

We have a fantastic vest designed for our dancers as an alternative to a crop top .

Purple top double.JPG

UC Dance Vest and leggings

Our Activated Industry vest a leggings are our uniform for external events, classes and musical theatre examinations. they are incredibly durable and look fab! 

Vest and leggings.JPG

UC Dance Exam leotard

This leotard has been designed for UC Dance by Squad Dancewear  and is used for our examinations and class wear from Primary grades and above. 

Blue leotard double.JPG


Our boys have a vest and shorts or tracksuit combination desgined by Activated Indsutry. The boys wear this for class and examinations.


UC Dance All classes crop & pants

We also have an alternative crop and pants for all dance members that can be worn in class.

Blue crop double.JPG

UC Dance Vest 2

 The vest also comes in blue and can be worn for classes with knix. 

Blue top double.JPG

UC Dance Jackets 

Our jackets are worn in class, musical theatre examinations, external events and in perfoamcnes, compeitions and shows. A must have!

Jacket and leggings.JPG